The Sacred Blades – A band of adventurers formed in Daggerford. The Blades are credited with ending a magical blizzard threatening the Grey Vale. They are also famed for, or blamed with, clearing out the old Temple of Tempus in Loudwater. Rumors persist over the methods used, and it is rumored that the ‘H’ brand used to mark heretics of Cyric was cursed by that mad god. The man stealing it from the Temple’s rubble died of plague soon after, and it cannot now be found.

The Blades then went on to liberate Llorkh from slaver control. Tales of the Blades’ climatic final battle with a demon are told for generations in Llorkh, reminding youths of the importance of defending their homes. The two surviving hobgoblins who fled Llorkh returned to their tribe and warned of the fierceness of the half-dragons and demonic women of that small mining town. It need not fear goblin attack for many years.

Operious – Hailing from Yartar, the human mage Operious seeks to end the many evils of the North. His arcane talent and historical knowledge have proven invaluable when dealing with the mysteries of the Ogre King, the frozen tower of Draigdurroch and more mundane problems. Interested in doing the most good for the most people, he has little patience for petty evils or the minor concerns of peasants.

Rolen – Half-elven bard and wanderer, Rolen serves as chief negotiator for the Sacred Blades. Ever the diplomat, Rolen has smoothed-talked his way to success, inspiring his friends and confusing his enemies. He has mentioned his birth in Luskan, and though he speaks of it little the horrors of his childhood can darken his mood.

Yarnon – A tiefling, Yarnon seems ashamed of her heritage, hiding horns and tail beneath flowing jackets and other concealing clothing. She rarely speaks, and seems more at home in the wilderness that she has mastered. Her elf-like knowledge of the wild has saved the party time and again, while her arrows have ended many evil lives. Her heritage has a subtle influence, making her slow to object even when her fellows stray into evil deeds. Though she came to the area seeking family, every tiefling she has encountered has been tainted by evil. Has recurring nightmares of Hellgate Keep.

Kriv – Dragonborn paladin, worshiper of Tempus, mighty warrior. Kriv proudly tells of his homeland, the city of Djerad-Thymar, and his people. While his kind is rare in the North, Kriv is a shining example of his race. He is eager for battle, but also keeps a watchful eye out on his fellow travelers. Surely Tempus smiles on him now, after restoring a lost temple. Though a goodly man he must resist the endless call of battle, lest mindless bloodshed taint his soul. He struggles to maintain the distinction between necessary battle for good causes, and battle for its own sake.

Fibbit – Locksmith, rogue, robber, mercenary; Fibbit could be called many things. Though basically good this halfling is not above the occasional larceny, or at least ensuring he earns his “fair share”. His imprisonment in a magical mirror while his friends were slaughtered changed his carefree attitude. Now more cautious, he reflects on what he has become.

Griegor – Veteran warrior and mercenary, Griegor has traveled the land taking odd jobs protecting caravans and the like. While in Daggerford he hired on to a small caravan to Llorkh. Snowed in during a blizzard, he discovered his employers were Zhentarim slavers. After defeating the slavers and joining the Sacred Blades, he now adventures with new companions.


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