what ever happened to that guy…

Alarel – Elven alchemist of Daggerford, Alarel runs a shop with a variety of potions and magical items for sale. Some of the goods he traffics in can be…questionable. Seems to know everyone.

Allendi – Elderly monk leading the Monastery of the Precipice at Spellgard. A gentle man and priest of Oghma.

Bax – Powerful warrior and captain of the Darkhold Zhentarim. Tempted the Blades into serving the Zhentarim in their mutual war against the Netherese. Failed and was rewarded with grisly death at the hands of the Blades. Raised as a skeleton to serve the Lady of Shadows. Slain again by the Blades.

Captain Harrowleaf – Leader of the Loudwater Militia, the wood elf Harrowleaf is a longtime resident of the town and knows much of its history. He was present before the Spellplague and was responsible for leading its defense through those difficult years. These days he continues his duties, maintains his old contacts and keeps the town mostly safe from outside intrusion. He has no desire for leadership or power, preferring to live quietly outside the town gates.

Caranatar – Thayan mage and resident of Waterdeep.

Cheleen – A young black dragon of the High Moor. Known for cruelty and dabbling in dark magic. Worshiper of Shar. Slain by the Sacred Blades.

Cigan Lameados – Noble of Waterdeep. Feuding with Caranatar. Fibbit stole a portrait from his house.

Clewsoro – Middle-aged greedy merchant. Has spent the last two years sifting through the ruins of Spellgard in search of profit. Frequently travels back to Llorkh to resupply.

Crasous – Wizard and teacher of Operious, Crasous has been in magical contact with his former apprentice, giving the occasional bit of advice. Current resident of Yartar, former apprentice to Draigdurroch, knows Curuvir.


Curuvir – Staff, pointy hat, robes; Curuvir is the stereotypical old wizard. He plays up the part, in both dress and mannerism, seeming to enjoy the unease that wizards can cause in normal people. A resident of Loudwater, he was in Daggerford during the goblin raid. He turned out to be the indirect cause of that deadly attack: in his search for a dusty old artifact he riled up the local goblins. The item he sought was found by the newly-formed Sacred Blades, and with them he traveled north to Loudwater. Curuvir studied under the wizard Draigdurroch many years ago, and knows fellow apprentice Crasous well.

Draigdurroch – Dwarven wizard (warlock?), he has not been seen in thirty years. History shows that he was a fairly normal mage, taking on several apprentices in his day. Details are fuzzy, but he came to worship Asmodeus, constructing a tower in his god’s honor deep in the Dire Wood. Deserted by his apprentices, he began to research the ancient ruins of Karse. He was searching for a way to gain power from the remnants of the dead demigod, Karsus. Where Draigdurroch is now, perhaps only the Fey know.

Edwards family – A poor elderly couple hired by the Pilgrims to mislead the Blades. Son died during magical blizzard. Residents of Loudwater.

Farlex – Administrator of Llorkh, hung at the gallows in Hero’s Square. Bargained his soul to a devil on the Fugue Plain rather than face his god Cyric. Current status: mindless Lemure in the Iron City of Dis, second layer of Hell.

Free Company of the Crescent – An adventuring group hailing from Oreme and scouting the nearby ruins of Spellgard. Ambushed the Blades during an attack by kobolds. All were slain.

Jaryn – A traveling paladin of Torm, hailing from Elturgard. Currently traveling in the Grey Vale region. Ally of Simon. Revealed as Cyric worshiper. Slain in the battle of Darkhold Keep.

Karzon – Dwarven citizen of Loudwater, known for the occasional odd job or theft. Hired by the Pilgrims to setup the Sacred Blades. Currently released from prison.

Lady Moonfire

Lady Moonfire – Hereditary leader of Loudwater. Willing to do anything to protect her town and her position. Turned a blind eye to the slave trade in her town, to prevent reprisal by Zhentarim. Refused aid to Llorkh during its occupation, to prevent attack by Netheril. Known alliance with the ruler of Secomber. Slain by the Blades.

Lady of Shadows – Vampiric Duchess of Secomber. Zhentarim mastermind. Suspected of planning the occupation of Llorkh and organizing the cult in Loudwater. Abandoned the Zhentarim as they fell out of favor, allying instead with Asmodeus. Slain by the Blades.

Milli – Halfling female rogue, a lone adventurer met by the Blades at the Monastery in Spellgard. Known Zhentarim agent. Location unknown, last seen in Oreme.

Moroz – A Barlgura demon defeated by the Blades during the Liberation of Llorkh. Current resident of the 115th layer of the Abyss.

Narrows – Tiefling thief of Loudwater, known for shaking down merchants for protection money. Hunted down, tortured and slain by the Sacred Blades.

Nathan – Militia leader of Llorkh before the coup. He planned and lead the Liberation, an ill-fated raid on hobgoblin occupiers, nearly losing his town and his friends. Now scarred from the events and weary of battle, he has settled down and passed on leadership of the militia to Robert.

Orus – Druid of the High Moor and longtime friend of Harrowleaf and Curuvir. Rescued from ettercaps by the Sacred Blades.

Robert – A simple smith of Llorkh, this bald, barrel-chested man gained battle experience during the Liberation. He now commands the Llorkh militia.

Sarenad – Silverstar of Selune and resident of Waterdeep. Spoke with Kriv about the lost artifact of Selune.

Sarshan – Leader of the Umbraforge tower in the Shadowfell. Netherese warlord.

Simon – A traveling paladin of Torm, hailing from Elturgard. Currently traveling in the Grey Vale region. Ally of Jaryn. Revealed as Zhentarim agent and Cyric worshiper. Captured by Elturgard forces, awaiting execution.

Sister Cherra – A young female human who came to Spellgard from Waterdeep several years ago. Though she did not find Lady Saharel and gave up hope of finding news of her lost brother, she decided to stay at the Monastery and assist others coming to the ruins.

Thannu – Captain of the Guard at the Umbraforge, second in command to Sarshan. Netherese warrior. Hired the Blades for mercenary work in their upcoming attack on Darkhold.

Traydan – Halfling bard of Waterdeep. Thieve’s Guild member and political expert for hire. Has info on various noble families and all the latest intrigue.

Vannak – A dragonborn male, known to be scouring the ruins of Spellgard in search of prophecy. Slain by the Blades in Spellgard Keep.

Zark – Dwarven slaver and Zhentarim member. Employer of Griegor. Slain by the Blades in Zelbross.

Zelac – Elf of the High Forest sent to negotiate with Loudwater. Spoke with the Blades about elven problems in the Feywild.


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