Ammarindar – An ancient, vanished dwarven kingdom, one of the countless crypts of Ammarindar now houses goblins. A decade or more ago, the “Ogre King” managed to band them together, forming a fledgling goblin nation which raided its neighbors. His followers were attempting to revive him before being stopped by the Sacred Blades. Any dwarven ruin now found in the Grey Vale region is likely to be of Ammarindan origin.

Baldur’s Gate – South of Waterdeep and west of Elturgard, Baldur’s Gate is the most populous city in the known world. Sprawling and well-defended, nearly anything can and does happen here.

Daggerford – A trading town along the road between Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate, Daggerford must fend for itself during winter months. Trade trickles to a stop, becoming far too dangerous, and any caravan stranded in town stays put until spring.

Darkhold – One of the last known bastions of the Zhentarim. Built by giants, this massive fortress has withstood numerous attacks by Netheril. Of the once mighty Zhent strongholds it alone still stands, while Zhentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven were destroyed long ago.

Dire Wood – Just north from Loudwater, Dire Wood holds the burned-out ruins of Draigdurroch Tower and lies south of the expansive High Forest. Within the Wood are the ruins of Karse, an ancient city of Netheril. Somewhere inside is a large hill, well-protected by Fey guardians: the corpse of Karsus, a dead demigod.

Draigdurroch Tower – Site of evil research, the Tower was sealed by Fey magic. It remained sealed for thirty years, until a band of adventureres sent by Crasous broke in. They lost one of their number to a magical trap, then accidently activated a series of portals to distant planes. Elementals invaded the Prime Material, slaying the fools who allowed them in, looting untold magic items and claiming the tower for their own. Altering and extending the Fey magic, they began to freeze the entire region. The Sacred Blades put a stop to their threat, ending the Fey seal in the process. The tower’s original owner is nowhere to be found.

Elturgard – A peaceful holy nation governed by a paladin order. Worship of Torm is the state religion. Its capital city Elturel has a permanent magical sun hanging overhead, named Amaunator’s Gift. The constant light drives back undead and makes the city a haven from evil. Merchants too fear the city, lest they break any of the numerous laws ranging from profanity to littering and be heavily taxed.

High Forest – Guarded by all manner of fey creatures, this wood is a protected place. Residents rarely care about the outside world. Within the forest all manner of ruins and secrets are hidden from view.

High Moor – A frigid, windswept marsh south of the Grey Vale region. Residents include lizardmen, goblins, trolls and worse.

Grayflow River – From springs high in the Graypeak Mountains, the Grayflow meanders past many towns and villages into the Sea of Swords. Known to freeze in the winter, it is an artery of trade in normal times.

Llorkh – Miles upriver from Loudwater, at the footsteps of the Greypeak Mountains, Llorkh was the primary source of the slave trade. It had been occupied by hobgoblin mercenaries of the Zhents. Liberated by the Blades.

Loudwater – Another walled, self-sufficient town, Loudwater was once a thriving center of trade. It is now lucky to still be standing, surviving the Spellplague with a fraction of the original population. With the surrounding land becoming increasingly hostile, its only a matter of time before Loudwater becomes another Zelbross.

Oreme – The City of White Towers, this ancient place was ruined for ages. Newly rebuilt and reoccupied by the returned Netherese, it stands on the western edge of their empire. More cosmopolitan than the Shar-worshipping central Netheril cities, Oreme’s proximity to Llorkh and the Grey Vale make it a waypoint for spies from many kingdoms.

Secomber – A walled town along the Grayflow overseen by a castle, Curuvir mentioned that this place should be avoided. He did not get specific, but apparently the town is less safe than it appears. Ruled for decades by a Duchess, also known as the Lady of Shadows.

Southwood – Just a few miles south of Loudwater, these woods are known for a near-constant goblin infestation.

Umbraforge – A Netherese tower located in the Shadowfell, east of Oreme.

Waterdeep – The City of Splendors. Wealthy, tolerant and powerful, a trade hub and regional powerhouse. Waterdeep’s presence is the only thing keeping much of the North from being swept away by marauding orcs or other evils. Yet their reach and will to act have lessened since the Spellplague; distant towns now receive little protection.

Zelbross – Once a thriving community, Zelbross was in ruins when the party passed by. Curuvir warned about the things lurking inside and a wide berth was given. No longer a settlement, it served as a hub for Zhentarim slave traders prior to their death. The ruins are quiet for now.


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