Aid Another

Failure at an ‘aid another’ skill check will apply a -4 penalty to the skill roll. Your advice made things worse. Failure penalty will not apply in some cases (everyone pushing open a door, etc). A roll of 1 is auto-failure; there is some risk of confusing your ally even if you are well-trained.

Standard Action = Turn Completed

If you complete a standard action and don’t tell us you are done or planning to do something further (move/minor/AP), after a few seconds we will go to the next initiative and your turn will be complete.


1) Component cost of any ritual is reduced to zero if below a certain threshold. That is 2% of the total magic item value for your level, from the DMG page 126. At level 6, thats 72 gold. Does not apply to item-creation rituals. There is no ‘discount’: if a ritual at level 6 costs 73 gold, you pay 73 gold, not 1 gold. Rituals such as Knock (50g) and Floating Disc (10g) become free.

2) The cast times of any ritual with a “10 minute” cast time are reduced to 1 full round (6 seconds), and consume all actions for that round. These are not meant to be used in combat; if you take damage during the cast time, the spell is lost and counts towards rule #3. Monsters will see you casting up a big spell and react appropriately. Cast times of anything longer than 10 minutes (enchant item, raise dead, etc) remain the same.

3) Rules #1 and #2 apply once per day, per spell level. So at 6th level you can get a quick, possibly free ritual of each level 1 through 6. You cant get numerous castings of a 1st level ritual however; the cast times and cost revert back to standard after the first.

“Market Price” for rituals is unchanged, so you will have to pay once up-front if you want a spell. Example: Level 3 ritual, “Detect Secret Doors”, costs 125g to learn. It has a 10 minute cast time and 25g component cost, which are reduced to 1 full round and zero cost once per day.


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