Player Responsibilities – Above all, know your character. Know all your powers and any special effects they may have. Know your skills, how and when to use them (look in the PHB). Know your story and look for ways to expand it during play. During combat, keep track of any positive or negative effects you have on yourself and any you have caused on a monster. Remind other players of any group bonuses you are granting or they wont know. Keep track of all your HPs and temp HPs (THPs), healing surges, power usage and inventory. If you are bored doing all that, ask the DM if you can track monster HPs…player responsibilities are minimal compared to the DM.

Rules Disputes – Any rules not recalled in a second or two at the table will be made up by the DM. Figure it out while waiting for your next turn and we will retroactively change whatever, or wait until between game sessions.

Speed Up The Game – Combat is slow. You can make it go faster. Pay attention on other players’ turns. Know what you are doing before your turn comes. Have all the dice ready to roll, and roll them at the same time without making a 10-minute production out of it. Tell us when you are done, or part of your turn may get skipped after we stare at you in silence for ten seconds. If you don’t know what to do, remember you can delay your entire turn.

Dice Rolling – This is how I prefer things to go, to keep the gameplay fast: Player’s turn starts, he rolls a d20 and a d8, player says ‘I Magic Missile that goblin, hitting 23 reflex’, already taking into account his various bonuses, combat advantage, etc. Then I can say ‘You hit’ and get the damage total that he already rolled. Player finishes his turn, says ‘Done’ and we continue on.

Worst Case Scenario – What I dont want to happen: Player doesnt realize its his turn now, then thinks for a minute or two where to move, then flips through the power cards wondering which to use. One is finally picked but the player doesnt tell me which power. Player asks “Whats the goblin’s fortitude?”, then slowly rolls a d20 casino-style hoping for a crit. It hits, so he picks up the damage dice and repeats, spends a full minute adding 9+5+3 and tells me 18 damage. We then stare at him wondering what is next, but hes already drifting off. I finally assume the turn is over, go to the next person – but wait, the player wanted to move and use an action point! Oh gods it wont stop!!! Its enough to make a DM angry.


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