Sacred Blades

The Looting of Sakkors

Before their eyes the Temple of Karsis had transformed. Now a black stone pyramid rose into the sky, growing still. A massive portal raged at the top and something huge loomed into view. Disgorged from the portal directly down onto the flat pyramid top was a gigantic tentacled, primordial monstrosity. The twenty-foot-high thing wriggled its ropelike tentacles and four more portals instantly opened, one at each corner of the pyramid. Lesser elementals of all types began to stream through. An invasion had begun.

The Day The Sky Fell

The Day The Sky Fell

Luskan Reborn

The Sacred Blades assembled in Waterdeep and prepared for battle. It was time to return to Luskan and find Alagar the Mad. Covertly entering Luskan, this time instead of a straight-out attack they gathered allies instead. Pirate guilds and ruffian gangs were befriended, bribed and intimidated. All were tempted with the offer of controlling Luskan. It had been dominated by pirate captains once in the past, and working together it could be again. Greed and vanity were appealed to and every seedy element in Luskan agreed that working together they would drive out the so-called “Empress of Luskan” and control the city jointly.

Sessions 35 - 37: Sembian Resistance

Its been a busy few weeks, so here’s a quick summary of the last 3 sessions:

Session 34: Goodnight, Ambassador

By the time the Blades arrived, the Ambassador was already dead. Murdered in his sleep by a swift cut to the throat. It was not going to be an easy day…

Session 33: Return of Milli

Return of Milli

Fibbit approached the door carefully, sure it was trapped. The innkeeper said this was the room. The room Milli was staying.

Milli was last seen in Spellgard tower. What she was doing in Loudwater was unknown but it couldn’t be good. Back when the Blades were getting into trouble in Elturgard, they found out that Milli was a Zhent agent. Were the Zhents returning to Loudwater?

Session 32: Diplomats?


The Blades had teleported to Waterdeep to seek aid against Netheril and arranged a meeting with the Lords. The Blades were on good terms with the leadership of Waterdeep, having done so much for the region and removing the corrupt rulers of Secomber and Loudwater.

Sessions 29-31: Forsaken Faith


Following is a battle report which will, with Your Glorious Mercy, restore my clan’s honor and spare me execution for failure.

The Netherese of Faerun proved overconfident. They paid too little for the challenge offered by their chosen targets. We tracked the targets to Mithrendain in the Feywild. They were initially incapable of portal magic, instead using unreliable plane-falls, led by eladrin guides.

Sessions 26-28: Mithrendain

Raven’s Scroll

The Blades took a much-needed rest in Loudwater. Kriv clutched the Blade close while he slept, dreaming of leading a massive army straight to the Shadowfell, destroying all the undead and evil he could see. When they awoke, they found a scroll from the ranger Raven, an elf who joined them in Spellgard and remained until the recovery of the Blade. During his travels Raven became wary of the Blade’s actions, certain they were traveling down an evil path in their pursuit of war.

You are touched by darkness, Blades. I see it as a blemish that will grow with time. I could warn you of course, but you would not listen. I could kill you, but someone would take your place. So I do the only thing I can – I go.

No longer a Sacred Blade

Session 25: Sacred Blade of Selune

Harrowleaf’s Story

After the death of Lady Moonfire, Captain Harrowleaf reluctantly took temporary control of Loudwater. He also spoke with the Blades in private, telling them of Moonfire’s slide towards evil:

“We have tracked Lady Moonfire for some time. She spent days in the burned-out tower that you cleared. She met with Netherese agents outside of town after you slew the Pilgrims. I fear she may have been positioning herself for life after Netheril’s invasion.

Session 24: Lords' Alliance

Darkhold Aftermath

The Blades awoke in an armed camp. Though still wounded they were tended by healers of Elturgard. Paladins had pulled them from the rubble of Darkhold and nursed them back to health. They were told that Simon, the other traitorous paladin and ally of Jaryn, had been captured back in Elturel. Simon gave up a great deal of info, enough to clear the Blades of any suspicion and allow them to return to Elturgard if desired.

As for Darkhold, the ruins lay quiet. The castle had literally fallen back to earth. Strange magical effects still plagued it and otherworldly creatures had been sighted in the area. Darkhold would likely remain a no-man’s land and require a permanent military presence to watch over the ruins. Spellplagued lands could be unpredictable and dangerous, and who better than paladins of Elturgard to maintain vigilance.


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