Sacred Blades

Session 2: Draigdurroch Tower

Enduring the Elements

Departing Daggerford, the battle-tested heroes traveled north to Loudwater. Each had their own reasons, but it seems fate brought everyone together. They brought along the mage Curuvir, the man indirectly responsible for the goblin raid on Daggerford. Horses were purchased and the journey began.

As they traveled, the snow turned to a blizzard. Temperatures dropped, and the river froze solid weeks ahead of schedule. No one could have predicted that would happen, but at least they weren’t traveling by boat. Curuvir proved his worth, magically protecting everyone from the chilling cold…everyone but the horses, who soon perished. On foot, with no horses to clear a path in the snow, travel slowed. Kriv seemed used to a cold environment, and was able to guide the party past dangerous icy parts, around snow banks far deeper than they seemed, and led them safely along the frozen river. Along the way they found goblin remains, frozen solid, and evidence of an entire goblin camp that met a similar fate.

Session 1: Daggerford


Fate led several heroes to the Daggerford bazaar, an open-air market near the west end of a walled town, each following their own goals. While browsing the merchants’ wares, they congregated around an alchemist’s tent, an elven man hawking a magical dagger carved from a horn(Only 500 gold!). Stocking up on healing potions instead, they passed on any overpriced weaponry.

They were interrupted by a massive explosion. Dust filled the bazaar, citizens ran screaming and were cut down as dozens of goblins attacked. Where were the guards, why were goblins attacking a walled town – none of that mattered now. The goblins seemed to be on a mission, and one of them grabbed that very dagger they just saw for sale. Despite taking heavy losses the goblins were victorious, fleeing with their treasure and leaving the heroes to help the wounded and bury the dead.


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