Sacred Blades

Sessions 22-23: Fall of Darkhold

Wayward Diplomat

With the Lady of Shadows defeated, the Blades returned to the thankful people of Secomber. As word of their freedom spread through the streets, citizens emerged from their homes and gathered in small groups to discuss their future.

The half-elven bard Rolan, emerged from the inn to see what the commotion was, only to hear the Sacred Blades had freed the city. With shock he went to speak to his old companions. They had not seen each other since Spellgard, where the ghost had separated them using magical compulsion. Rolan was not sure how he arrived in Secomber. The only clue he had was a scroll case with ancient Netherese writing on the outside. Nothing was within. The other Blades had similar memory loss, though they had partially remembered an encounter in Oreme. Rolan was welcomed him back to the group.

Session 21: The Lady of Shadows

Into the Keep

The Blades quickly discovered the upper levels of Secomber’s keep were abandoned and had been for years. Boot tracks in the dust led to the basement and they cautiously followed them down. The dungeons below the keep were very recently occupied: doors were unlocked, traps unarmed, dust unsettled.

Motion could be heard in the rooms ahead, doors opened and closed. They were not alone. As they entered a torture chamber complete with skeletons still on the rack, a ghost materialized. It was a victim of the Lady of Shadows, and the spirit asked if they were here to finally slay Cala.

Session 20: A Moment in Time

The Blades have been teleported to Elturgard, but when have they been teleported? What happened during the four days missing from their memory? Has Lady Saharel used them as pawns, or saved them from an unknown fate? Why are the Zhentarim convinced that the Blades are now allies?

Session 19: Tests of Saharel

Ancient and powerful, the spirit allowed the adventurers their moment of glory. They didn’t realize they were being tested even now, that their actions could lead to grisly death. Rather than break her bonds and leave, she wanted to see how they would act and if they could be worthy servants. Certainly more worthy than the Netherese mage laying dead at her feet.

As she became less willing to answer questions, they decided to break her chains and allow her to go free. They toppled the ruined pillars around her and the magical chains faded. Saharel wasted no time, casting a spell in dramatic fashion. The Blades had a very bad feeling about this…

Session 18: Spellgard Tower

As they climbed the stairs, they could hear bits of shouted commands in a demanding voice. “Tell us of the attack on Darkhold, will it succeed?!” The response could not be heard, but the voice soon shouted “Impossible!” As they neared the top, they heard a man ask, “What is our future, tell us what is to come!”

Session 17: Spellgard

The Sacred Blades made their way to the ruins of Spellgard, desperate to find the ghostly seer and her gift of prophecy before it was corrupted forever by the Netherese. With the gift of foresight under their evil control Netheril could wreak untold havoc. The evil empire would not stop with simply destroyed the hated Zhentarim.

Among the ruins of Spellgard, distinguishing allies from enemies could be a difficult task. By day’s end the Blades would assault the ruins, force their way into an ancient catacomb and bring their own particular brand of diplomacy to the resident treasure-seekers.

Session 16: Zhentarim Ultimatum

The Zhents, a long-time hated enemy, now offer a truce. They offer an end to the feud. They offer crucial intelligence about Spellgard and their mutual enemies the Netherese. The same Netherese who plan an attack on Darkhold, that plan partially thwarted by the Blades while in the Shadowfell.

The offer is refused. The Blades will make no pact with the lesser of two evils.

Weapons are drawn, magical disguises are discarded, assassins emerge from the shadows, elemental servants are summoned. Battle is joined.

By day’s end, one side will be slain save for a single survivor. That survivor will beg and plead for his life, desperate to escape and resurrect his fellows.

Session 15: Underdark Passage

Elderly Advice

The Blades had been in Llorkh for several days, recovering from their journey into the Shadowfell in the safety of their captured stronghold. Llorkh was in a rebuilding phase and the sound of saws and hammers could be heard even from the stronghold. It would be some time before the town fully recovered from the destruction brought by the Zhents and their hobgoblin army.

Session 14: Warlord of the Umbraforge

Into the Shadowfell

Leaping into the portal, the Blades narrowly avoided a costly battle with elven guardians of the High Forest. The elves did not pursue, instead standing with bows drawn waiting for any undead horrors that emerged from the now-activated portal to the land of the dead. One of the elves began a ritual to close the gateway, severing the link between planes – and leaving the Blades stranded in hostile territory. Finding themselves alone in an abandoned room of some ancient Netherese ruin, the Blades decided to wait out the elves. The portal back to the High Forest, decorated with trees and similar carvings, closed with little fanfare.

Session 13: Devil in the Details

Moving On

The Blades agreed they had worn out their welcome in Loudwater. It was time to pursue other interests in the region. Griegor head rumors in town of a haunted ruin to the east, a place called Spellgard. It seemed a good enough place for adventure, removed from the regional politics of late, and the Blades made plans to visit, first stopping at Llorkh to check on the town’s new government.


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