Sacred Blades

Session 34: Goodnight, Ambassador

By the time the Blades arrived, the Ambassador was already dead. Murdered in his sleep by a swift cut to the throat. It was not going to be an easy day…

A quick summary of recent events:

The Blades flew off to the Karse ruins to investigate. They caused a pitched battle with our minions who were conducting the ritual preparations, some of which escaped to our city above.

Victorious, the Blades had a few minutes to determine the nature of the ritual before our reinforcements arrived. Rolan examined the massive stone blocks that will act as a nexus. He determined a bit of the ritual’s nature, and told the others it was designed to merge the material plane with the Shadowfell. He assumed it would transport a large amount of material from the shadow plane. Well, he is certainly right about that. They then attempted to mar the runes, assuming we would not check after such an attack. Amateurs.

They quickly fled back to Loudwater. I’m tempted to order that town burned to the ground for the trouble it caused. Converting the populace to Shar’s worship will be a mere consolation prize. I await the day they convert to Karsus, the true god of Netheril. All in good time.

After an uneventful night they portaled to Waterdeep. Scrying on them has become difficult with the constant movement. Should they move farther afield we may lose track entirely.

In Waterdeep they met with the Open Lord. Here I was unable to scry, as it would have quickly been detected. What they talked about shall remain a mystery.

They then headed to the Netherese embassy. The worthless Ambassador Vorgraine was already dead when they arrived. A pity. They ran smack into our little surprise, animated ghouls of his loyal guard. The others had the good sense to flee when we told them. Their halfling was nearly slain by the ghouls when he charged alone into the embassy. Most amusing.

Distracted while watching the halfling struggle against ghoul paralysis, I missed whatever started the fire. The other Blades were up to something though and the exterior of the embassy went up in flames. Soon I heard the roar of an elephant. Yes, an elephant. No doubt summoned for whatever reason. Anyway, it wasn’t too happy about the growing flames around the embassy and began a rampage. With the building quickly burning down around them and a crazed pachyderm on the loose, the other Blades rushed to the halfling’s defense and defeated the ghouls, stuffed the Ambassador’s stiff corpse into a bag of holding and fled. I havent laughed that hard in centuries.

They didn’t have to travel long before seeing our little ‘gift’ for Waterdeep. A few of our men had been working on a little side project, a joke really. They managed to reanimate one of those massive golems that have been standing idle in Waterdeep since the Spellplague. I had a good laugh watching as it crushed the life out of one of the Blades. It caused some unimaginable property damage, they will be cleaning up after it for weeks. Eventually the Blades slew it, of course, but it was definitely worth the trouble.

As for the Blades…I want them alive to see the results of our ritual. The best way to strike a blow in the meantime is to level Loudwater. Let us move against their quaint home soon.

In Karsus’s name.



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