Sacred Blades

Session 33: Return of Milli

Return of Milli

Fibbit approached the door carefully, sure it was trapped. The innkeeper said this was the room. The room Milli was staying.

Milli was last seen in Spellgard tower. What she was doing in Loudwater was unknown but it couldn’t be good. Back when the Blades were getting into trouble in Elturgard, they found out that Milli was a Zhent agent. Were the Zhents returning to Loudwater?

Of course, the same person that outed her thought the Blades were Zhents too.

More importantly, Milli was with them in Oreme. The Blades had never fully remembered what happened in Oreme, only that they had been forced into some task for the ghost of Lady Saharel. Maybe Milli could remember.

The door was locked but untrapped. Not your typical inn lock…Milli must have enhanced it so only another skilled thief could enter. Fibbit quickly disabled the lock and stepped inside. In the small room he could see a halfling-sized form under the covers on the bed. Motionless. Blood leaked through the mattress and puddled on the floor. Had she already been killed?

Pulling aside the covers, he found…three human heads. Beside them, a note:


I knew we would be together again, I waited here for you to return. Dont worry about these Netherese – they are you enemies, right? I took care of them for you. I’m looking out for you now!

This is all for you! I owe you for Oreme!

I’ll be watching!!


It was worse than he thought. Far, far worse.

A meeting was arranged. No weapons, public place. Even in person, Milli seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with Fibbit. He used this to his advantage, finding out more of what happened in Oreme.

Milli went into great detail. She had regained her memories over time. From what they could piece together, events went something like this:

1) The Blades and Milli were teleported somewhere near a Shadowfell portal-tower outside of Oreme, within sight of the famous white towers of the city. In their possession was a strange glowing crystal given to them by Saharel. Milli remembered someone saying it had ‘necromantic properties’. 2) Evading Netherese guards and overly-curious civilians, they made their way into the sewers then into a cave system under Oreme. 3) In the caverns they met lizardmen, of all things. They handed over the crystal to the lizardman leader with a message: “This will awaken the Sleeping Ones. Saharel says the time has come.” 4) They were teleported back to Spellgard. Saharel sent the Blades off to where “they would be useful”, causing them to awake in the outskirts of Elturel.

Milli promised she would be in touch and try to help. The halfling disappeared off into the streets of Loudwater. As long as she killed their enemies, what could be the harm in letting her go? Right?

From the journal of Captain Harrowleaf, emergency administrator of Loudwater…


Men are still returning from the loss at Llorkh. Morale is low, lifted only by witnessing the death of two dragons overhead at the hands of our “Sacred Blades”. Those returning to Loudwater join a new force from Waterdeep, 1000 Lords Alliance men, mostly foot soldiers with a handful of arcane and clerical support.

Of the two thousand men stationed in defense of Llorkh only 500 escaped the battle. Reports of 1200 men still holed up in the Blades’ keep, with a well and enough supplies for an extended siege. That includes most of Mithrendain’s battle mages, who I assume could leave at any time if they wanted. If they can hold out it will delay or weaken an attack on Loudwater.

That leaves 300 dead or missing. Netherese losses were similar.


An elven cleric arrived on griffon from Evereska. Token support, typical of my kinsmen. The cleric seemed arrogant but could be useful. I directed him to speak with the Blades when they return from Llorkh.

Loudwater itself has become an armed camp. Civilians flee south down the river towards Daggerford while men and supplies come north. I have ordered my son to stay with his uncle in Waterdeep, he is too young to be caught up in the fighting.

No one city can hold against the enemy so we plan a series of defenses, falling back downriver and stretching out Netherese supply lines as we go. I hope political support remains strong in Waterdeep or this will all be for nothing.


Meeting with the Blades today, I presented the various options they had to strike back at Netheril:

1) A floating city has been sighted over the Karse ruins in the High Forest to the north. Enemy mages have been creating huge stone pillars in a giant, mile-wide circle under the floating city. Whatever they are doing cant be good, but needs further investigation.

2) Oreme itself remains a weak point and could be vulnerable to a surgical strike force. Sounds like a job for them.

3) Waterdeep has requested their assistance in dealing with the Netherese ambassador. They didnt provide me details, but they request the Blades’ presence and it must be important.

4) Loudwater itself will be attacked soon and Llorkh is still presumably under siege. The plan is to lose Loudwater and fall back, but do as much damage as possible. Perhaps the Blades could turn that battle around.


The innkeeper mentioned a strange find in his establishment. Three heads severed and left in a bed. Odd, but they were Netherese so I am not concerned.

The Blades have flown off to Karse to investigate the ritual taking place in the shadow of a floating city.



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