Sacred Blades

Session 1: Daggerford


Fate led several heroes to the Daggerford bazaar, an open-air market near the west end of a walled town, each following their own goals. While browsing the merchants’ wares, they congregated around an alchemist’s tent, an elven man hawking a magical dagger carved from a horn(Only 500 gold!). Stocking up on healing potions instead, they passed on any overpriced weaponry.

They were interrupted by a massive explosion. Dust filled the bazaar, citizens ran screaming and were cut down as dozens of goblins attacked. Where were the guards, why were goblins attacking a walled town – none of that mattered now. The goblins seemed to be on a mission, and one of them grabbed that very dagger they just saw for sale. Despite taking heavy losses the goblins were victorious, fleeing with their treasure and leaving the heroes to help the wounded and bury the dead.

After some investigation, it turned out the dagger was recently ‘liberated’ from the goblins’ lair, by a wizard named Curuvir. He had been searching for a different item, and after dealing with the ‘easy’ goblins, he took that dagger and sold it later. Curuvir was willing to pay for retrieval of the item he originally sought (an enchanted ogre skull), and the elven merchant wanted his dagger back.

The four adventurers set out for the goblin lair, contained within ancient dwarven ruins that have seen many occupants over the years. Goblins were tricky, and had set up several traps to defend themselves. Avoiding the traps, a secret entrance was found and used to ambush the goblins. Several of the little critters were pushed back into their own pit trap, to be devoured by their own dogs in the pit. Pressing onward, several other goblins were slain, and the adventurers found an old dwarven teleporter that seemed to no longer function. It made a great place to ‘store’ a hobgoblin while fighting his buddies…and when he finally escaped from the malfunctioning teleporter, the other goblins were dead. He was interrogated and tied up for later.

After descending deeper into the ruins, past bones of long-dead dwarves, they found the goblin shaman, Sancossug. He was attempting a ritual to resurrect the long-dead Ogre King – an ogre who ruled these very goblins for many years. That ogre’s bones were crafted into several items, including the stolen dagger (a horn from his skull) and the skull itself (now an enchanted mace). The little goblin attacked, and his explosive magic nearly killed the entire party. Sancossug’s magic soon ran out, and he was far less dangerous without his stinging and burning clouds. After a long, hard-fought battle he was slain.

As they exited the ruins, a light snow began to fall and the temperature plummeted. The party limped their way back to Daggerford, their lone hobgoblin prisoner in tow. He was turned over to the guards to face justice for the townsfolk slain, and the party went to claim their rewards. Curuvir mentioned he wants to travel to Loudwater, and the party intends to do the same. Having a powerful mage along cant hurt.

Snowfall continued as night approached, the sun setting as a hobgoblin was led to the gallows.

goblin raid on daggerford: 450xp
slaughter pit (traps, pit with dogs, goblins): 750xp
zombie hallway: 625
upper catacomb (archer, hobgoblins, teleporter): 600
shaman boss: 750
Major quest xp: 400
3575xp total
893xp per person (1000 total needed for 2nd level)

DM’s notes:

This intro session utilizes Raid on Loudwater and Barrow of the Ogre King from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide. Sancossug turned out to be a real beast (I did not use the errata’d stats), nearly killing the party.



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